Cbc Mode

Crypther DLL 2.5

Crypther DLL 2.5: With this program you can crypt you file secure with:Blowfish, Cast128, Cast256, With this program you can crypt you file secure with:Blowfish, Cast128, Cast256, DES, 3DES, Gost, Ice, Ice2, Thin Ice, IDEA, Mars, Misty1, RC2, RC4, RC5, Twofish, RC6, Rijndael and CBC-MODE. DPCRYPT use the full crypt keysize from the cipher.

DP Multicrypt 2.0: Cipher tool for highly secure your files with the full keysize from the cipher
DP Multicrypt 2.0

With this program you can crypt your files easy and fast secure with:Blowfish, Cast256, IDEA, Mars, RC4, Twofish, RC6, Rijndael with the full keysize from this cipher and the CBC-MODE. DP-MULTICRYPT support DRAG and DROP

3des, blowfish, misty1, ice2, cast128, gost, cbc mode, mars, cast256, twofish, idea, rijndael, thin ice

NoSafeMode 1.1: NoSafeMode allows you to limit access of Windows sessions in safe mode.
NoSafeMode 1.1

Mode allows you to limit access of Windows sessions in safe mode. In only a few clicks you can select the users not allowed to log in safe mode. NoSafeMode makes sure that at least one administrator user is allowed to connect in safe mode in order to avoid dead lock situations. If uninstalled, NoSafeMode restores Safe Mode access for all users on the machine. For extra security, only unlocked admin users are allowed to change NoSafeMode settings

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ADA cartoon solitaire 4.28

mode is more difficult than Learning Mode) 3. Challenge Mode: The speed of time decreases quicken. When remove a pair of pictures each time, the remainder will be close to one direction and the time of hint and mix up are less than it in Natural Mode. If the time is not enough, you can`t use the two props. (This mode is more difficult than Natural Mode) 4. VS Computer Mode: It need no link line. The two same pictures can be removed, but the time

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ARIA For Windows 1.1: Aria Software features three modes: Karaoke, DJ, VJ & Scratch, for hours of fun.
ARIA For Windows 1.1

modes: The DJ (disc jockey) MODE makes it easy to DJ and mix music. The DJ MODE is also a VJ (video jockey) MODE that enables Aria users to mix music videos too. The Aria SCRATCH MODE makes it super easy for anyone to SCRATCH a song or video, with a mouse or a laptop touch-pad. Scratching music is fun, and Aria makes it sound great. You can even record your Scratch or DJ mixes to share with your friends. Finally, beyond being the most user-friendly

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fSekrit 1.40: easily read and edit encrypted notes in their own portable executables
fSekrit 1.40

fSekrit allows you to read and edit encrypted notes using self-contained tiny program files; completely portable - run from usb thumbdrives, etc. no need to install anything. Another advantage of using fSekrit is that your un-encrypted data is never stored on your harddisk like with other similar tools.

safe, secure, encryption, crypto, cryptography, notepad, editor, notes, text

Acute Softwares Timer 4.6: Acute Softwares Timer manages multiple timers, stopwatches and alarms
Acute Softwares Timer 4.6

modes: Manual Mode (Acts as a standard stopwatch) Timer Mode (count for a fixed amount of an egg timer) Alarm Clock Mode (timer will count until a preset time of day). You can set alarms in either Timer or Alarm Clock mode, and each running timer can sound an alarm, pop-up a message or launch another program. You can have up to 32 separate timers running at once. In Timer mode you can set it to automatically restart, so that for example

logging, clock, reminder, multiple, counter, alarm, timer, diary

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